Education Law

Jurado Law Group understands education. Jurado Law Group has a teacher on staff  with over 20 years of education experience who has attained National Board Certification, Florida State Certification, and a Masters in Education.  This diverse background gives Jurado Law Group a unique advantage over most other education law firms. Jurado Law Group can assist charter schools with the following:

  1. Drafting charter applications
  2. Assisting with the renewal process
  3. Aiding in real estate and facility use arrangements such as negotiating a lease
  4. Assisting with construction and expansion projects
  5. Drafting grant proposals
  6. Assisting with labor and employment matters and board and governance issues
  7. Serving as general counsel to management companies and charter school boards
  8. Reviewing and negotiating vendor contracts and management company contracts
  9. Forming proper legal entities
  10. Complying with state and federal regulations